Now you can have good sex life

It’s not only your problem. If you are not able to give birth to any child. There are many people who are suffering from erectile dysfunctioning. This problem happens 1 in 100 male. Do not get worried or panic. Just be a charm and search for its solution. Erectile dysfunctioning treatment in India is available in every part of our country but there is very less clinic who will provide you good services and results. Erectile dysfunctioning treatment in Punjab has achieved a new mark due to a contribution of Sanjiwani Health Centre. Their work is so fine. They are having experienced doctors who will give you 100% safe results.

Natural treatment of erectile dysfunctioning

  • Swimming – it is an aerobic exercise which not only treats erectile dysfunction but also keeps your health condition good. If you do not like running and walking then you can swim as an aerobic exercise.

  • Yoga – it sawed that stress is the main problem which creates erectile dysfunctioning. Yoga will not only decrease your problem but also increase your mental and physical health.

  • Rhodiola rosea – this is a herb which improves energy and reduces fatigue.

  • Ginseng – it is natural herb originated in China. It also lowers blood sugar level in humans but erectile dysfunctioning is created due to diabetes then this should not be taken.

  • Yohimbe – it is extracted from the bark of African Yohimbe tree. It has the positive effect in sexual activity with this drug. Its side effects are really life threatening like increased blood pressure, heart rate, irritability and tremor.

  • Aerobic exercise – erectile dysfunctioning is caused by diabetes, obesity and hypertension in which blood flow through penis decreases. Aerobics will help you to improve your health, blood flow and treat your condition of erectile dysfunctioning.

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4 Things You Should Do for Enhanced Sexual Health


The act of promoting the free, open and healthy discussion about sexual health is as good as the busting the myths around us. The two most important people who must have complete knowledge about sexual health are you and your partner. But there may be more people.

How will you come to know that what is hurting and when? Communication with your partner is the very first thing that you must do but in case, if you are not comfortable then you may include your family and friends in this discussion.

This post will definitely try to help young people and adults who are constantly struggling with these sexual health issues along with their better halves.



Your adult age doesn’t mean that you know each and everything about sex and its related sexual health issues. There is nothing shameful in getting knowledge about these matters that can help sail from unexpected moments. Take the help of books, websites, family doctors, etc. to have knowledge in latest facts.


Even if you are loaded with information, keep in mind that talks with your partner are more like conversations and not sermons. Do not try to be judgmental about these sexual issues that come from your better half. Rather, you can become a chip in with loads of suggestions for them whenever they require.

Keep in mind about age

Having a talk about sexual health with an eight-year child will definitely make a difference from having a talk with a 28-year person. Be sensitive in sharing the information here and there and be careful enough to provide information according to the age. It is better to clear all your queries with the best sexologist in Delhi.

Keep it casual

Do not try to make the discussion about sexual health into a ceremony. You must raise these topics on a suitable occasion as per periodic basis. Never avoid making an eye contact with whom you are talking about sexual health.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction in a natural way will save you

Erectile dysfunction is hard to cope up with and as many men run for help, they normally end up hurting themselves badly. Surgeries are some of the procedures done to eradicate the problem, but many patients have extended their disappointment towards this kind of treatment. It is costly and it offers temporary relief from the problem. Penile surgeries may require implants to be inserted into the penis and these are as the time passes, may reduce their efficacy. They are expensive and at the same time have numerous side effects and complications which include bleeding, pain, infections, and further problems.

Apart from Viagra and creams, gels can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Natural ways of treating erectile dysfunction have no side effects and can be used in any case when you feel there is a need to. Erectile Dysfunction treatment in India is offered by the leading sexologist in India to surpass all the problems during sexual intercourse. The treatment aims at unclogging the arteries and the veins in the penis. This allows the proper flow of blood during the erection process hence giving relief.

Men are faced with numerous sexual problems and their fear to utter them out to their sexologists. This increases the intensity of the problem which may take a long time to be wholly eradicated. Seeing a sexologist in time and working on one’s lifestyle can help reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction. Exercising regularly and having a proper diet can help a man.

8 Reasons Why Penis Enlargement Fails?


Not doing anything

The very important reason behind the failure of penis enlargement is that most of the men do nothing. More than 95% of the men do nothing after buying the products of the penis enlargement.


Men also get tired of trying the product or of the penis enlargement procedure. Your excitement about the penis enlargement is really great but do not let your desire die down.

Not serious about penis enlargement

Until you will take the penis enlargement treatment seriously, you cannot get the success from it. If you will use the product for just trying then it will provide you with the result but not in an effective way.

Lack of belief

If you want the success in the penis enlargement treatment then you have to believe in that product of which you have chosen for it. A belief is something that will provide you with the support to be consistent with your product.

Lack of confidence due to measuring of size again and again

All guys love to measure their penis very often. This can lead to expectations down and hence the lack of your confidence. As a result, you may not complete your penis enlargement course.

Loss of confidence by not measuring

In the contradiction to the above point, you may lose your confidence by not tracking your gain in your penis size. You must track your size after a week.

Under-doing it

Minimum required time that you must spend on your penis is six minutes. But if you are under-doing it then it may not give you the desired result.

Making use of the wrong approach

If you are taking the wrong treatment then nothing can be worse than this thing for your penis. You must choose the best herbal penis enlargement in India so that it can cause any side effects.

Low Sperm Count and Low Sperm Quality


What is Sperm count?

Although millions of sperms are ejaculated at a time but only about 200 reach to the egg for the fertilization process. The low sperm count can be defined when the number of sperms is less than 20 million sperm per millimetre of semen. Besides sperm count, the sperm quality and the sperm mobility also equally responsible for the male infertility problem.

What is Sperm Quality?

If we look at the shape of a normal sperm, then it has the oval shape with a long tail. Those sperms with misshapen heads curl tails and double tails lead to the poor quality of sperms and will have poor fertilization.

What is Sperm Mobility?

The sperm makes a movement with the help of its tail that pushes it forward. The sperm has the ability to cover the distance in order to reach the egg. If the sperm mobility is good, then the chances of fertilization increase with 50%.

Causes of the low sperm count and quality

  • Stress: the emotional stress and other physical stress can lead to the low sperm count.
  • Heat exposure: Hot baths, work in high temperature, tight clothes etc. cam lead to the low sperm counts.
  • Cycling: Bicycling can raise the temperature of scrotum and hence lead to the numbness
  • Alcohol abuse: Alcohol can lead to the infertility problem
  • Smoking: Smoking can cause abnormal sperm mobility
  • Lubricants: The use of lubricants during intercourse can lead to the low sperm count

If you want to overcome the problem of low sperm count then you can go with ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count treatment online.

Do You Lack Sexual Desire?


Our sexual health is a very important part of our life as long as want the sexual satisfaction and it becomes an essential ingredient when we talk about the active physical relationships. We use to express sexual desires in various ways. Also, we are not aware of the facts that whether these are own sexual fantasies or the psychological reasons that boosts are the desire for sexual relationships.

Inhibited sexual desire

The inhibited sexual desire can be defined as the low-level sexual desire or to have a clear failure in showing interest or to be responsive to your partner’s initiation. Besides the personal or relational issues, there are many physical problems that lead to the lack of sexual desire in a person.

Lack of libido in women

Also, 20% of the people suffer from the lack of desire from total population and generally this happens with women more than men. Women sometimes find difficulty in engaging themselves in the sexual relationships or the lack of proper communication can lead then to stay away from sexual relationships. For a woman, the lovemaking satisfaction or the sexual desire feelings are very much closely related with her mind. The good relationships, effective communication plus partner’s comfort level greatly determines and affects the women’s desire for sex. For a man, his penis tells him that he is sexually stimulated but for a woman, the message for sexual stimulation comes from the brain.

Lack of desire? Know what can be the causes?

  • The communication problems between the couple
  • The fear of intimacy. Almost most of the men think that intimacy can make them weak.
  • Anxiety for sex can make your desire low. If you had the bad experiences with sex or never had a sex then this nervousness can ruin your desire.
  • Fear of STDs or pregnancy
  • Lack of privacy
  • Very restrictive upbringing matters
  • Traumatic sexual experiences
  • Stress

However, you can overcome your problem by taking the best ayurvedic medicines for lack of desire treatment in India. These herbal medicines can greatly help you in solving your physical issues.

How to Avoid Nightfall or Night Discharge Problem


The nightfall or night discharge or wet dreams all are the same things. It means involuntary ejaculation of the sperm while sleeping. This problem almost happens with all the men but rare they discuss it with each other. Mostly they keep it secret. In the case of teenagers, it comes as a phase in their lives when they become aware of their body or about sexuality. In adults, this problem can be followed by the factors like watching or reading the adult content, having the erotic dreams or thoughts or not having the intimate relation from the long period of time. But also the hectic lifestyle, unhealthy foods, bad drinking habits or smoking can lead to the increase in the frequency of nightfall.

But in the case of the excessive nightfall problem cannot be avoided because it can have certain side effects like sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The best thing to avoid the nightfall problem is to avoid your bad habits of drinking or smoking. This can lead you to live a healthier life. Always try to eat nutritious food. Certain foods are very good that can low the chance of the nightfall, such as celery and raw onion. Relaxation is also very important as it can eliminate your stress and anxiety.

Otherwise, you can buy ayurvedic medicines online for nightfall treatment. This can greatly help you providing risk-free and instant solution to get rid of nightfall.