Many Facets of Sex


Sex takes changes as the body changes and also takes many forms. There are countless ways in order to express ourselves sexually. Sexual activities include foreplay, vaginal intercourse, masturbation, anal penetration and oral sex.

All these acts can be the person’s expression of sexuality. The person with good sexual health will not face problem in masturbation or in having intercourse with partners.

Most of following behaviors are the part of sexual experience:

Sexual foreplay

This involves the action of stimulating the partner’s body, genitals either with hand or mouth. This is helpful for those women who suffer from pain during sex. By doing this, women get more aroused and her vagina will respond more. Hence, the more production of lubricants and the pain will be less. Many types of research show that men also want foreplay more than women think. Foreplay is an important aspect in order to keep the long-term relationship and to maintain interest to do sex with each other.

Vaginal Sexual Intercourse and Orgasm

In vaginal sexual intercourse, both men and women can reach the orgasm. Orgasm comes when the sexual parts reach to the height of contraction from being stimulated. The release of semen and endorphins is there that cause intense pleasure in the whole body.

Sex and Aging

With the growth in age factor, the functions of human body changes and hence the sexual functions are also with no exception. For women, there is the loss of estrogen that reduces the sexual desire and also reduces the amount of lubricants.

In case of men, only desire is not the thing but also there are some other problems like erectile dysfunction in which they are not able to sustain an erection. However, you can take erectile dysfunction treatment from best sexologist in Amritsar. Physical changes do not mean the end of sexual life.

Sexual Health

When people share and communicate with each other about sexual interest and desires then there is good sexual health. Each and everyone has their own sexual health differs with hormones.



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