Some Good Reasons for Sexual Abstinence


Sexual abstinence can prevent you from the regret of gaining pregnancy or can be helpful in protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases. Some people also go for it for other reasons as well.

Nowadays, many youngsters are taking decision for abstaining from sex for different reasons. If you had undergone from the experience of sex even then abstinence can help you in maintaining your emotional or physical health.

Abstinence has the different meaning for different people. Some consider to not to have vaginal intercourse while other take it control over the anal sex or even on kiss and avoiding all the sexual behaviors.

Why do Young people say no to sex?

Abstinence from vaginal intercourse means preventing 100 percent pregnancy and also sexually transmitted diseases. Also if you go for the anal sex or oral sex even then there are chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, abstinence from all forms of sex can prevent you from diseases.

Young women abstain from sex in order to avoid diseases like infertility or cervical cancer. Also, men use safety measures like condoms in order to stay away from STDs.

Adults who choose abstinence from sex for a number of reasons rather than to have control over birth rate.

  • Maybe they are in wait for the right person to have sex with.
  • Maybe mourning the loss of someone close related.
  • Maybe they have more focus on education or work.
  • Maybe they are recovering from any illness.
  • Maybe they want to maintain religious or moral principle.

Also, in order have abstinence from sexual forms you can consult with best sex specialist in Himachal Pradesh or should learn various related methods to control birth rates and STDs.


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