Low Sperm Count


Low sperm count is the serious problem in men. Most of the men suffering from the low sperm count problem. It is also known as oligospermia. This is the conditions in which the sperm count is very low and less than 1.5 million/ml. If you want to have children then your sperm count matters a lot.

What caused the low sperm count?

The external cause of low sperm count due to cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, usage of drug, lack of diet and protein, lack of exercise these all play an important role in decreasing the sperm count in men.

Low sperm count treatment

Low sperm count treatment depends upon the causes and situations. Surgery is one of the best and important options to reduce the infertility problem in men. You can use herbal treatment for male infertility problem this is very helpful and improves your sperm quality and quantity.


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