Do You Lack Sexual Desire?


Our sexual health is a very important part of our life as long as want the sexual satisfaction and it becomes an essential ingredient when we talk about the active physical relationships. We use to express sexual desires in various ways. Also, we are not aware of the facts that whether these are own sexual fantasies or the psychological reasons that boosts are the desire for sexual relationships.

Inhibited sexual desire

The inhibited sexual desire can be defined as the low-level sexual desire or to have a clear failure in showing interest or to be responsive to your partner’s initiation. Besides the personal or relational issues, there are many physical problems that lead to the lack of sexual desire in a person.

Lack of libido in women

Also, 20% of the people suffer from the lack of desire from total population and generally this happens with women more than men. Women sometimes find difficulty in engaging themselves in the sexual relationships or the lack of proper communication can lead then to stay away from sexual relationships. For a woman, the lovemaking satisfaction or the sexual desire feelings are very much closely related with her mind. The good relationships, effective communication plus partner’s comfort level greatly determines and affects the women’s desire for sex. For a man, his penis tells him that he is sexually stimulated but for a woman, the message for sexual stimulation comes from the brain.

Lack of desire? Know what can be the causes?

  • The communication problems between the couple
  • The fear of intimacy. Almost most of the men think that intimacy can make them weak.
  • Anxiety for sex can make your desire low. If you had the bad experiences with sex or never had a sex then this nervousness can ruin your desire.
  • Fear of STDs or pregnancy
  • Lack of privacy
  • Very restrictive upbringing matters
  • Traumatic sexual experiences
  • Stress

However, you can overcome your problem by taking the best ayurvedic medicines for lack of desire treatment in India. These herbal medicines can greatly help you in solving your physical issues.


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