6 Things you must know about Sex Therapy


There is nothing weird about the sex therapy. In fact, it can be really helpful to you treating all these emotionally driven sexual issues.

If you are suffering from any sexual problem then the last thing that you probably want to do is to have a talk on it.  But a sex therapy is designed with which you can to the root of the sexual issues and can reverse them.

Sex therapy can help you out in solving the issues like erectile dysfunction, low libido, and other sexual problems. It can greatly help you and your partner to work on these issues in a supportive and educational environment.

Go through the following things to discover the truth about the sex therapy.

Sex therapy is exactly like the other forms of counseling

Sex therapy is basically conducted by the person, who is trained in the methods of psychological treatments, rehabilitation for sex and other relationship problems. Therefore, there should be nothing freaky about sex therapy.

You can explore the psychological side of the sex

Your therapist will greatly help you in resolving various emotional issues that can contribute to the erectile dysfunction. These issues can cause the couple into the relationship stress.

There can be homework

You therapist can provide you various ideas that you might try at home also. He can suggest you some sensate focus exercises that can be done at different stages.

It can help to bring your partner

If you are facing the issues as a couple then bringing your partner along with you can help you in resolving them in a faster way.

Be picky while choosing the therapist

You must pick your therapist after checking all his credentials. The professionals used to hold the degree in marriage and family therapy, social work, theology, psychology, or medicine.

The sex therapy is not for everyone

The sex therapy is not fit for everyone and it cannot fix the physical limitations that lead to the sexual dysfunction. For this, you can have the consultation with the best sexologist in India.


Do you Experience Dhat Syndrome?


Dhat syndrome is a situation where a man experiences the release of semen while urinating. Many men out there may be reluctant with this problem but it can turn out to cause more sexual problems like impotence, low libido, and weak sexual power.

The men also face a problem of impotence and premature ejaculation. It is believed that it is caused by the swelling of the prostate gland.

The other cause may be due to weak muscles that are caused by diseases and masturbation.

While treating this problem, Dhat treatment is used. It is an herbal medicine with no artificial additives and safe for human consumption.

The treatment cures the disease that may be the cause of the flow of the semen and as well as strengthen the penile muscles.

Dhat treatment in India can be acquired from the sexologist who is a master in Ayurvedic treatments.

The medicine helps you function in a better manner during sexual intercourse and strengthens the muscles, erection to be firm.

For all who are faced with this problem and other related sexual problems please meet the sexologist to find a cure for your problem and live a better life.

The Anatomy of a Penis Erection


You might not ever think about the process of the erection of your penis unless you face the problem of an erection or having the orgasm.

Most of the men are able to achieve the erection with no or little effort but there are some emotional or physical issues due to which they are not able to maintain the erection as long as to satisfy their partners during the sexual intercourse. When you face these kinds of issues that means you are having the problem of Impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Anatomy of an erect penis

Basically, the penis consists of three main structures i.e. the corpora cavernosa, the corpus spongiosum, and the tunica albuginea. The corpora cavernosa is actually filled with spongy tissue that is indulged in extending the entire length of the penis. The tunica albuginea is a membrane that covers the corpora cavernosa in order to protect it. The corpus spongiosum provide the shelter to the urethra, the part through which the man urinates and ejaculates. Also, there is a proper network of the various tissues, muscles, arteries, and veins whose function is to fill the penis with blood and allow for the erection.

The man uses to get the erection from stimulation like touching or rubbing the penis or thinking or seeing something that sexually excites him. When such kinds of stimulation occur, then brain takes over the control and works with the nervous system. The brain with the help of nerves sends the message to the penis to relax which results in the increase in the blood flow in veins and arteries.

When the blood gets filled up in the penis then leading pressure is greatly handled by tunica albuginea. The blood that enters the penis is locked by tissues and membranes in order to maintain and hold the erection.

However, the erection stops when the entering blood stops flowing into the penis. But if you are getting the disturbance in the erection of your penis then you can get the herbal medicines for the impotence treatment in India at very reasonable prices.

Low Sperm Count


Low sperm count is the serious problem in men. Most of the men suffering from the low sperm count problem. It is also known as oligospermia. This is the conditions in which the sperm count is very low and less than 1.5 million/ml. If you want to have children then your sperm count matters a lot.

What caused the low sperm count?

The external cause of low sperm count due to cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, usage of drug, lack of diet and protein, lack of exercise these all play an important role in decreasing the sperm count in men.

Low sperm count treatment

Low sperm count treatment depends upon the causes and situations. Surgery is one of the best and important options to reduce the infertility problem in men. You can use herbal treatment for male infertility problem this is very helpful and improves your sperm quality and quantity.

Some Good Reasons for Sexual Abstinence


Sexual abstinence can prevent you from the regret of gaining pregnancy or can be helpful in protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases. Some people also go for it for other reasons as well.

Nowadays, many youngsters are taking decision for abstaining from sex for different reasons. If you had undergone from the experience of sex even then abstinence can help you in maintaining your emotional or physical health.

Abstinence has the different meaning for different people. Some consider to not to have vaginal intercourse while other take it control over the anal sex or even on kiss and avoiding all the sexual behaviors.

Why do Young people say no to sex?

Abstinence from vaginal intercourse means preventing 100 percent pregnancy and also sexually transmitted diseases. Also if you go for the anal sex or oral sex even then there are chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, abstinence from all forms of sex can prevent you from diseases.

Young women abstain from sex in order to avoid diseases like infertility or cervical cancer. Also, men use safety measures like condoms in order to stay away from STDs.

Adults who choose abstinence from sex for a number of reasons rather than to have control over birth rate.

  • Maybe they are in wait for the right person to have sex with.
  • Maybe mourning the loss of someone close related.
  • Maybe they have more focus on education or work.
  • Maybe they are recovering from any illness.
  • Maybe they want to maintain religious or moral principle.

Also, in order have abstinence from sexual forms you can consult with best sex specialist in Himachal Pradesh or should learn various related methods to control birth rates and STDs.

How to get to know that you need a Sexologist?


  1. When you are not able to satisfy your partner on the bed:

If you are trying to give your best with your partner but she is not satisfied then you might be suffering from the sexual problem.

  1. When you are not satisfied with your performance on the bed:

Sometimes your partner does not tell about the satisfaction but started feeling that you have not given your best.

  1. When you are not interested in giving and take on the bed:

Most of the couples love to show their intimate relation with each other while other are sometimes gets disinterested. In that time you need the best sexologist in India.

  1. When the sex made by your partner is not exciting you:

When your partner is doing well in making you excited but you are not getting attracted then you must need a therapist.

  1. When sexual life is troubling you:

Sometimes sexual life becomes a headache for your married life.

  1. Sexual life is painful for you:

If you are getting a painful sex then you need to get treated from best sexologist.

Characteristics of Chronic Masturbation

Masturbation is not a bad thing to do. It is a normal activity that is good for the sexual health and hence helps in improving the response towards sexual tasks. But however, the doing the masturbation in excess then it can lead to loss in erection because the muscles can become weak. Here are some characteristics of chronic masturbation:

Given to extremes
Nervousness while talking in social circle
Desire to be alone
Easily irritated
Can lead to daydreaming
Becomes lazy and not able to concentrate on work
Moodiness and depression
Suicidal thoughts

However, by getting herbal treatment for masturbation, you can make control over your habits of excess masturbation.